Shamans and Sangomas of African Tradition – Africa Shaman Experience

Africa Shaman Experience are; practicing Shamans or Sangoma’s who have come together to be able to provide an opportunity to experience the tradition of the Shamans or Sangoma’s of South Africa and to promote and expand better understanding of the Sangoma tradition.

Africa Shaman Experience offers; Sacred Journey’s, visits to Sacred Sites in South Africa, (please note that our visits to sacred sites are done with permission of the sangomas and with care for the site), Traditional Sangoma Ceremony, Retreats, Workshops, Teaching, Readings (traditional consultation/divination of the Sangoma) guidance, deep personal spiritual awakening and a deeper understanding of the ancestral spirits and their purpose.

Africa Shaman Experience….. seeks to be part of the journey for those who are called to explore their own spiritual path and their own spiritual self knowing.

It is our wish to walk a part of the journey with you… by sharing and opening the connection with the ancestral wisdom of the Shamans or Sangoma’s of South Africa and KwaZulu-Natal. We are humbled by the work of the ancient ones… the Ancestors… and the deep wisdom which they have and wish to share with all human beings.

We are not confined by race, colour, culture, religious doctrine or limitation of spirit… We welcome all who have a genuine calling to explore themselves more deeply and get to know them selves and their spirit ancestors.

The Sangoma is a Shaman and Sangoma’s are present in all tribes of Southern Africa, they are highly respected in the communities they work in. The Sangoma’s work intimately with the spirit Ancestors in all their forms… keeping the roots of the people alive and healing the people in the communities they work with. We aim to create better understanding and appreciation of the Sangoma tradition without loss to the integrity it holds and with honour to the Sangomas that have gone before us…

We at Africa Shaman Experience hope to open the way for Sangoma and African Shamanism to be experienced by those who feel the calling to the African continent and provide a nurturing space for the growth of those that come here. It is our dream to share… grow… and be inspired to see how deeply we are all connected no matter what culture or country we come from… truly we are a family of human beings on this beautiful planet we all live on. – FACEBOOK PAGE – Connect with Sangoma/Shaman members of Africa Shaman Experience.