The African Shamanic Mentorship

Connecting YOU with the African Shaman & Sangoma Tradition

This ‘African Zulu Shamanism Mentorship’ is constructed to introduce you to the African Zulu Spiritual belief system and give you the tools to incorporate it into your own spiritual life path. It is based on Ancestral Spirit practice, The Sangoma Path, Shamanic Consciousness, Earth Consciousness and the principles of Ubuntu

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The history of South Africa and the sufferings of Apartheid have meant that in the past there was little or no real contact with the Sangoma- Zulu Shaman from the outside world; but this has changed radically in the last 10 years. Although this has huge benefits for the Zulu people and Sangomas in general, in other ways it has led to a damage of beliefs due to Western influences and the western ideas of ‘power and success, fame and fortune’. The foundation of Africa Shaman Experience is based in an integrity that honours, supports and maintains the roots of the tradition and presents these wisdoms in a respecful way to people in a way which is relevant to the world we live in today; we are practicing Sangomas/Shamans in South Africa, we are mutli-cultural, and with a sincere wish to share where appropriate, the integrity of the Zulu Spiritual tradition, honouring at all times its deep roots. The honour and respect given to the roots and traditions is part of the practice of ‘Ubuntu’ in Zulu; Ubuntu is ‘the people, humanity’ but more clearly ‘the integrity of the people’. This Mentorship will guide you on:

  • how to practice the ‘the path of ancestors’, in other words; to bring your ‘ancestral spirit guides’ into your spiritual life more closely through the Shamanic traditions of the Zulu people and Zulu Sangoma.
  • you will be able to establish a deeper personal and empowering understanding and receive guidance from your ancestors, and where necessary, begin any healing processes with them.
  • you will learn basic Sangoma rituals that help to strengthen the spiritual connection and intuitive heart with your ancestors and ancestral consciousness.
  • you will connect with the spiritual wisdom of the Zulu people and the sacredness of South Africa; the earth consciousness which is part of the Zulu tradition, the consciousness of the animals which are sacred to the Zulu Sangomas and the frequencies of Africa,
  • you will also connect with the healing and medicinal practices of the Sangoma (this will include basic herbal medicinal plants), and the shamanic principles of the Sangoma. It will then be up to you how much of the Zulu spiritual tradition you choose to walk and live with in your every day life.

This Mentorship will not make you a Sangoma

To train as a Sangoma as with other Shaman paths all over the world involves years of studentship, all of which must take place in South Africa. Most importantly of all any Sangoma training will only take place once the ‘Ubizo’ has been identified; Ubizo is the ‘Calling’ which comes from the ancestors, calling you to become a Sangoma and is identified during consulations/readings with the Sangoma. Without the calling, no Sangomas will initiate a student into the lineage. If you feel that perhaps your are undergoing ‘Ubizo’, the calling, please contact us and book a reading/consultation with the Sangomas who will be able to clarify if you are being called or what may be happening to you and what this may require you to do. This Mentorship is a journey with your ancestors’… the bloodline ancestors of your current incarnation, but as importantly and equally those spirits that have other ancestral connections to you such as ‘past life’, and ‘ancestors beyond current physical incarnation’ and ‘ancestral earth connections’. We guide you through each and every active process. This Mentorship is a journey of your own self knowledge, your connections to this earth and to the ‘energetic human race roots’ which lie in Africa & South Africa, which we are all part of… You will join us in an online community on this site and we will guide you in every part of your opening to your own connection with your ancestors. You will also be able to connect with others who are also taking this journey with their ancestors and us.

The Course Modules And What You Can Expect To Receive

There are 10 modules in a year’s course; each module has a roughly 6 week time span. Each course Module will contain the following subject matter

  • Personal Ancestral Spiritual Practice

This section of the module contains information about spiritual practice that is inherent in the personal relationship with your ancestors; the awareness of your self and how that develops within a conscious relationship with your ancestors, giving you practical applications and methods to work with.

  • Zulu and Sangoma Ancestral tradition – African/Zulu Shamanism

This includes cultural traditions and stories of the Zulu and Southern African peoples as well as the basic principles of the Sangoma tradition. It provides information on medicine, cultural teachings, shamanic teachings through story, principles of Ubuntu and community and cultural traditions which connect humanity to the source ancestors which unify us all.

  • Sacred Plants & Animals

This section gives information about the medicinal plants used, methods, uses and their meaning and purpose. It also gives information about the sacred animals and how they connect to wisdoms and energetic medicines. Through this information you are asked to make a deeper connection through your ancestors and the wisdoms which they hold on these subjects. Plant and animal cosnciousness is also a vital part of this section.

  • Sacred Zulu, Land Energies/Earth Consciousness

This section provides information on the sacred sites, the principles of energy within the earth understood within the greater African and Zulu tradition and earth consciousness. Earth is considered a primal ancestor within African tradition and mother to all of humanity and is believed to be able to communicate through various means with humanity. The ancestors them selves are known to have contact with this consciousness at all times. The sangomas also work with the sacred sites in this way and this section gives information and insight into these practices and how you may apply them to your own life.

  • Sangoma Healing Principles

This section gives information on Sangoma practice; rituals, ceremony, medicinal foundations and methodology, and how the Sangoma understand the human being on all levels of mind, body, emotion and spirit. With this information you will be able to relate it to your own being and your own current relationship with your ancestors and create ceremony as you are guided.

  • Energy and Consciousness of the Ancestors

This section provides deeper insight into the consciousness of the ancestors; who or what are they, how do they work, how do they relate to the greater consciousness, other worlds, co-creative earth ancestral beings. Universal principles and Earth consciousness and what this offers you in your personal ancestral realationship and spiritual life path.

A Fully Initiated And Experienced Sangoma Will Be Assigned To Guide You Every Step of the Way

You will be assigned a Sangoma Mentor who will work with the ‘journey work or personal ancestor’s work’ which will be given to the participant to work with during each module and corresponds to the information in the Module. We’ll connect with you on the social network of our site or via email. You will send  the Sangoma Mentor your work every 6 weeks, they will then go into shamanic trance and communication with the ancestors, with each module to receive further guidance on your work, and ‘look’ or work with any areas that need deeper understanding. The Sangoma will then send you the messages, guidance, and information they receive. Feedback is guided by the beings, ancestors and ancestral guide group the Sangoma’s work withWe humbly request that you understand, that this does not mean judgment or criticism from them, not at all; due to the expanded view and spiritual guidance about your personal path or journey in the context of this mentorship, they have a view and a heart which is always of your highest knowing and being. It is because of this that they will reflect or ask you to go deeper in to ‘you’re knowing’ to move past any ego challenges or obstacles. You will be able to communicate with the Sangoma at any point during the module if you have any queries about the information in the module you receive; however we would like to remind you that the Sangoma’s cannot do the work for you and will expect you to be responsible for your commitment and motivation to do the work. At appropriate times extra information may be sent to you on top of your monthly module. We would like to emphasize that this mentorship is not set in the bounds of conventional academic study and so we would ask you to suspend all preconceived ideas around this Mentorship course and allow for the spontaneity and unusualness of spirit and the ancestors!

How Much Does The Mentorship Program Cost

The mentorship costs $1150  and we have an easy payment system of a 10 installments of $115 each every 6 weeks. Pay Once Off

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All Sangoma’s know that ‘your truth’ is your ultimate calling and journey. All Sangoma’s honor your ancestors and ancestral guide group and your journey with them. The Sangoma tradition is not a religion but a ‘spiritual path’, and does not seek to convert or judge other spiritual beliefs. The Mentorship does require that each participant has a basic ability to meditate, and has no problem with burning herbal medicine in their home space.

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