Special Offer & A New Mentorship

As we head towards the end of the year, we are aware that many people are looking at the past 9 months and processing their life experiences…
Consciousness is shifting at a rapid rate and everybody’s lives are being affected in different ways.

It is at this time that the ancestors are particularly helpful in guiding you on your life path, helping you navigate your experiences…

We would like to extend a special offer regarding the readings, starting now.
If you pay and book for your reading by November 7th 2014
, you will also receive a gift of Zulu beads as seen on the website and pictured left.

We do intend in putting our reading prices up slightly in line with current charges, so this offer is also a good time to have a reading before prices go up.
Distance Readings

The Zulu seed beads are worn traditionally by Sangomas and people at certain important times.
They are known to be protective in energy yet gentle enough that children are often given them to wear.
Sangomas will often wear them in a long strand across the chest.
The small glass beads vary in colours, each strand being multi-coloured; no one strand is ever the same and each one is hand made by the Sangomas, who will also ask for blessings for each necklace.

Celtic Shaman Mentorship

We have recently created a new page on the website for the Celtic Shaman Mentorship which we are very excited about.
The page gives you full details of the Mentorship, what it involves and how to sign up and pay for the Mentorship.
If you are interested, please click on this link and take a look. http://africanshamanexperience.com/celtic-shamanism-mentorship-programme

Makhosi Sarah from Africa Shaman Experience has been able to help many people with their own journey of spirit and their healing through this work and is committed to healing, mentoring and expanding consciousness through both of the Shamanic practices she has been called to.

We live in a time when all Shamanic practices are being called to be available to every human in the expansion and evolution of consciousness.

The Shaman, no matter what culture, has always walked the path of the heart and been a bridge between worlds, including the worlds within our own beings reaching deeply into the heart consciousness or heart brain… where the gateway to full presence is to be discovered.

Thank you for your responses to our News Letters, they are appreciated and apologies if we don’t get to reply to all of you straight away…

For the Zulu tradition and African Shamanic Mentorship programme, please click on this link;

For any of you waiting for Indiegogo rewards after donating, they are being worked on and will be on their way to you shortly…
Thank you again, for your support.

For anyone wanting further guidance or a personal reading and consultation with a Sangoma; http://africanshamanexperience.com/consulting-a-sangoma-reading-divination-and-ancestral-spirits


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