Distance/Person to Person Readings

This reading involves a consultation with your ancestors, or Amadlozi as they are known in Zulu (which is translated as ‘the desired ones’ rather than directly as ancestors), as not every passed human being becomes an active ancestral guide. Your Amadlozi are specifically caled to be that for you as they relate who you are in body; and they are very aware of their chosen role as an ancestral guide in relation to you.



Counselling and Medicine Work


Traditional Cleansing Steam

This treatment involves steaming in a hut (traditionally made of mud and grass), with a number of herbal medicines. The medicines used vary according to the ailment being treated as well as guidance received from the ancestors. The medicines are boiled in a pot (which sits inside the hut), over a fire (which is fed from the outside). A trained Sangoma feeds the fire, holds space for whatever needs to happen, and stays nearby for whatever assistance may be needed during the process. The ancestors of the patient are called in before the steam begins, to watch over the patient and assist in whatever ways they are able to.

The reasons for participating in such a treatment vary, from physical cleansing, to emotional healing, to energetic or spiritual cleansing and healing. The process itself can last up to a couple of hours and can be very intense, depending on the particular nature of what is being dealt with.At Africa Shaman Experience we offer this treatment as part of a weekend reatreat. For further details, please contact:




















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