Non-Profit Organisation – Sacred Practice ~ Sacred Sites ~ Indawo Yenhliziyo.

Since starting our work as Sangomas many years ago, we have always been aware of the many areas our work covers and the social responsibility the Sangoma tradition holds to all of humanity.
In the last year we decided to set up a Non-Profit Organisation which addresses the many elements of the Sangoma tradition and the cultural traditions which affect all cultures, all over the world. Much of our work here at Africa Shaman Experience will be aligned with the work of the Organisation, and a website for the NPO will be up and running soon.

We have named the NPO Indawo Yenhliziyo – Sacred Practice Sacred Sites. Indawo Yenhliziyo means “space of the heart”.
This is the essence of all the work that we do here at Africa Shaman Experience and at the NPO. The heart in Zulu tradition is seen as one of the most powerful conscious parts of a human, and if the heart isn’t awakened then it is believed life will lead you on a path to awaken it.
The following four elements of the NPO are the major aspects which we are working with. Each one with unique challenges and opportunity.

1. The Sangoma Tradition 
2. Sacred Sites
3. Medicinal Plants.
4. Cultural Diversity

These four areas cover a vast variety of subjects and issues, from community empowerment, protection of sacred sites, protection of habitat and medicinal plants, global cultural impact of the African tradition, and the preservation of indigenous knowledge.
All of this which deeply impacts most Sangomas lives, the communities and people they work with.

“The Organisation intends to enable full respect and the recognition of the value of the sacred African way of life, and the right for self-determination, making ancient African wisdom accessible and applicable to enhance people’s lives and enlighten the public about conscious, living, spiritual traditions.”
Indawo Yenhliziyo – Sacred Practice Sacred Sites (part of the mission statement.)

If you would like to find out more please email us at

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