Photo Shoot & Testimonial

A few weeks ago we were visited by a photographer and his assistant. This is their testimonial.
Thank you once again Philip Van Beek and Anton Allen for the amazing photos, a couple of which are included in this newsletter.

Anton Allen:
“I’d like to give a heartfelt thank you to Makhosi Sarah and Makhosi Muvo of Africa Shaman Experience for hosting myself, Anton Allen and Philip Van Beek.

It was one of the most spiritually enlightening experiences I have ever had, and is exactly the upliftment I needed, when I needed it most.
After spending a year and a half in Vietnam I returned back to South Africa feeling jaded.
It’s the most chaotic place I have ever lived in, and years of communist rule have mostly stamped out religion and spirituality.
I came back to Durban feeling mentally exhausted and disconnected from myself, the earth and everything and everyone around me.
It was a strange state of flux I found myself to be in, and I was not sure what to do about it.

Upon returning home to Durban, South Africa I was given the opportunity to assist photographer Philip Van Beek in photographing the Sangomas of the Midlands region, with Makhosi Sarah and Makhosi Muvo as our hosts and guides.
It was something that my soul was yearning for, as I was spending too much time focusing on the non-existent future and past rather than the very real now.

We were given the chance to dispel the many Western myths we were both guilty of believing about these wonderful people. We were invited in to homes with open arms, leaving with full stomachs and big smiles. These people have such a deep connection with themselves, the earth and everyone around them that it’s hard to not feel completely humbled by their very being. They live completely selfless lives, opening their doors, and imparting spiritual knowledge on those who need it most.

They live in harmony with nature.
I left feeling truly humbled and grounded but surprised at the same time, for what I experienced is actually hard to put into words, but it is a general feeling inside. I couldn’t help but think that most of us have lost our connection to nature and the earth, and this is the very reason for most of the mental and emotional turmoil we experience.

Sangomas are so important, not only in their communities, but for us well, as they really do give us a chance to go back to our roots as people, allowing us to experience true inner peace and happiness.
I would recommend anyone to spend some time with Makhosi Sarah and Makhosi Muvo, to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and what can be done in order to achieve happiness and contentment.”

Please see Philip’s amazing photographs below…

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Sangoma Makhosi uMthembhu at her home.

Sangoma receiving gifts at her Phothula/Graduation

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