People Power & Initiation

We hope that everyone is enjoying the holiday season.

We have been at the retreat site initiating a new student known as ‘Itwasa’ and taking stock of what ceremony and work needs to be done at the retreat site…

The rain has been intense, swelled the river and swept away the bridge. Fortunately we have a second entrance to the site, but it too, is a road that requires a 4X4 vehicle and immense concentration from the driver.

The initiation went well and there was a warmth in the Makhosini as the ritual proceeded, a starry night followed and the rush of the ever filling stream that runs to one side of the retreat echoed as a chorus in the back ground.

Offerings were made and the ‘grandfathers’ called as the initiate starts in the Ndiki stage which very simply put is the male energy. This simplicity belies its depth as its strand moves through generations, and generations of Sangomas.
During this stage the itwasa must wear red, which represents the Ndiki vibration.
Once this stage is completed, after months, the Ndawu, female side will be brought in and respected and then finally the two will be put into balance.
This process is immensely powerful and reveals within each person their reaction to the male and female within and the how that manifests in all other areas of life.
This is ancient tradition, and one which works every itwasa in a profound way.
Makhosi Itwasa Greg (in the picture) who was initiated in the last few days has agreed to write a regular blog post about his itwasa experience, so watch this space for future blogs.

As we reflect on recent events, it seems the consciousness of the ancestors grows ever more deeply into the present time and the need to be fully present in all we dream and seek to create.
People power increases as we recognise each other truly for who we are as souls intertwined in a journey that draws and pushes us together.
It seems that the wish for us to embrace the fact that we are not limited by being human in a divine state is ever more resonant in the voice of the ancestors.

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We would be really excited and grateful if you guys continue to
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As we head into 2014, we hope that all of you are called by your dreams, your journey and that love and abundance fills your life and inspires your heart!
Most of all that the ancestors continue to walk with you, holding lamps to light your path and help you find your way!

Makhosi Amakhulu!

For anyone wanting to learn more about Rituals, Sacred Sites, African tradition, African Shamanism and their personal relationship with their ancestors and how to work with them; the mentorship correspondence course is for you…

For anyone wanting further guidance or a personal reading and consultation with a Sangoma;

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