Mentorship Programmes

Shamanic Mentorship

We offer two online mentorship courses.

Zulu African Shaman Mentorship course

Celtic Shaman Mentorship course

Visit the Sangomas in South Africa as part of your mentoring journey and meet fellow mentees.

Both courses have been uniquely created by the Sangomas and shamans here at Africa Shaman Experience.

Specific focus and time has been spent putting together information in a way that is accessible and easy to work with once you commence the mentorship process, no matter who you are or where you are in the world.

The Sangomas and shamans have also made themselves available for personal interaction once you sign up for the programme.
Once you start the courses you will begin a journey with your ancestors and your unique journey to self.
Both mentorships work with the ancestors as this is a common factor in both the Zulu and Celtic Mentorship programme.

Each mentorship will empower you to work with your self from a shamanic consciousness base, which will uplift and deepen the understanding of purpose in your personal journey and life.

Valuable cultural information is in both courses, reaching far back in to our human history.
This ultimately links us all, allowing a personal understanding of the connection we have in this reality to everything within the life force and consciousness of our space and place.

If you feel guided or interested in either mentorship, please click on the links which will take you to pages on our website with in depth information for each course and fee’s.


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