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HAPPY 2014! May the ancestors walk with you, may you dream well and find within you the strength of the Lion!

We currently have students and visitors staying with us at Africa Shaman Experience.
James Vere Nicholl is one such visitor and has been with us for nearly two months and is joining us in building the retreat and his own spiritual process and journey. He has got involved with the fundraising for the retreat and recently had a dream which he wanted to share…
So with many blessings, here is his dream and we hope it touches you as much as it touched us…

Mother who is in training/itwasa, sharing a moment in ceremony with her child. Taken in ceremony with Africa Shaman Experience.

The Boy who dreamed of flying – Jamie Vere Nicholl

I am afraid of living in a world where nobody follows their dreams, where nobody has the belief to listen to their inner child. Where everyone resigns themselves to working for some unaccountable faceless corporation. Last night I had a dream where I found myself travelling into the future. I call them my dream yoga dreams; they are lucid and rich with energy, and feel like a journey, an actual encounter rather than something imagined. In the dream I found myself in the not so distant future, in a beautiful old house and walked up an ornate mahogany staircase. When I reached the first floor landing, I peered into one of the lavishly decorated rooms, where a regal man was staring down at a dressing table covered in the most beautiful ties from all over the world. He paused and scratched his belly slightly disgruntled, and mused to himself, as below him on the table there was an empty space, where one tie seemed to be missing. Turning; the man looked at me with a puzzled and inquisitive look upon his face, his appearance suggesting I may know the fate of that missing tie and motioned for me to ascend further up the staircase to the next floors.

I clambered up the old staircase, until I came to the very loft of the house where a small door unlocked itself and swung open revealing a small dormitory filled with young school children whom were getting ready for their day. As I entered they all turned and wondered how I got there, and I began explaining that I had came from the past, that I was here in my light body, and that my real body was asleep back in my room in Africa and that as they were dreaming in the future, I was in their past, only somehow I had found a way to cross through time and space through my consciousness. They excitedly and readily accepted this, filling their imaginations with delight and proceeded enthusiastically to ask me questions. I noticed however that one of the boy’s was unmoved by my presence and was fixating upon the tie around his neck struggling to fix it. He seemed deep in thought as if even at his tender age the choking tie was grating with his sense of freedom. Pausing in thought, he stopped what he was doing and looked up at me. He had a serene clam angelic face and with a set of deep blue eyes. Instantly I began to feel myself drift off and begin to journey. In the journey I saw the young boy, grown up, he had decided to become a clothes maker, and would latter go on to become a very celebrated tie designer. He communicated to me, that he hoped to shift people’s consciousness and awaken people through the fabrics, colors and patterns he put on his ties, which he believed would help inspire people to free their minds from their conditioned thinking. In a flash the journey ended, and his older self dissolved back into the young man in front of me. I moved closer and challenged him by asking, is there something else you dream of that could happen, something even deeper, something I could take back to my time.

The boy smiled and pointed down to his tie again, miraculously the tie began to morph and shift in shape, color and texture, and a shiny metallic object began forming that then spread out into a set of wings. Before long I began to see, that the boy had brought to life, an incredibly detailed and strong, high tech carbon fibre set of attachable wings. He placed them on his back, turned to an open window and proceeded to leap out.

Stunned I rushed to the window and saw him fly off

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almost bird like into the distance. I turned and raced back down the mahogany steps, passing the older man, dressing himself in the room below, and began to realize the significance of the missing tie on his table. The missing tie represented his possible future, the different fate that he could choose for himself, if he were to believe it possible. I rushed outside to catch a glimpse of the boy, but as I hit the morning sunlight, I found myself waking in my bedroom to a slice of light that was shining through the window. A strange energy filled my room, as if a residue from the dream had come back in time.

Will it really happen one day i found myself thinking? Dinosaurs were heavier than man and they had once flown, was it really so hard to figure out, or had people just lost the imagination and will to do so. We had invented all sorts of gadgets; surely it was not improbable I told my own inner child, that one day man could fly. How amazing, and conscious shifting it would be, I began to see whole flocks of people soaring in the sky, some travelling great distances, all dressed up in

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the suits the young boy with the blue eyes from the dream could make. I then began to think about the children of today, so many of them drugged up on excessive amounts of sugar, made docile by the fluoride in their water, over stimulated by TV and video games. What if this generations imagination were beginning to dull, what if they stopped believing in the impossible. Suddenly I had a sense that the boy perhaps needed to be woken up, to be encouraged, to be told, yes believe in flying suits and all things miraculous, because if no one does we will never change this world for the better. In my half awakened state I decided it was logical that I needed somehow to contact him, I thought, he could be anywhere, perhaps not yet born, perhaps if I wrote something, he may even read it one day. What we bring back from the future, might help shape our destiny. Had Da Vinci been practicing dream yoga when he drew helicopters?

The dream made me think a lot because I am involved with a project at the moment, where we are creating a sacred space for people to be able to heal, dream and grow. And as a result we are dreaming it possible to create such a place. We are currently crowd funding at the moment and looking to raise some money, and we need people to support us, to find their inner child inside and fly

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with us.
Perhaps it will inspire the

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child in you, or pass it to a child you know, and tell them believe in your imagination!!! And also have a look at our website below, and make a donation if it moves you to our project.

Thank and keep dreaming folks xx Jamie.


We wish to THANK those of you that have shared or donated to our Indiegogo funding campaign and ask you to please continue to do so…
All your communication, effort and donation has a huge ripple in a much bigger picture…
We would be really excited and grateful if you guys continue to

share with your friends, encourage your network, to support the campaign page on Indiegogo, which can be found at this link:-
And please donate if you are guided and inspired…

As we head into 2014, we hope that all of you are called by your dreams, your journey and that love and abundance fills your life and inspires your heart!
Most of all that the ancestors continue to walk with you, holding lamps to light your path and help you find your way!

Makhosi Amakhulu!

For anyone wanting to learn more about Rituals, Sacred Sites, African tradition, African Shamanism and their personal relationship with their ancestors and how to work with them; the mentorship correspondence course is for you…

For anyone wanting further guidance or a personal reading and consultation with a Sangoma;

We have created a sister FaceBook page for the Retreat so that you can check in regularly with all the happenings at the retreat with lots of photos and details. Please take a look and click the ‘like’ if inspired.

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