Distance Readings


This online reading involves a consultation with your ancestors, or Amadlozi as they are known in Zulu (which is translated as ‘the desired ones’ rather than directly as ancestors), as not every passed human being becomes an active ancestral guide. Your Amadlozi are specifically called to be that for you as they relate who you are in body; and they are very aware of their chosen role as an ancestral guide in relation to you.

The reading or consultation process is not fortune telling as traditionally consulting a Sangoma is initiated when ever guidance is required about health issues, circumstances, spiritual concerns, and the relationship to ones own being and life path. Family, community and environmental welfare are also reasons you’d ask a Sangoma or request a reading or consultation.

To book and pay for a reading please send an email to makhosi@africanshamanexperience.com with the following information:
  1. Your full name.
  2. Your fathers surname.
  3. Your mothers surname before marriage.
  4. Any issues or questions you have that you would like adressed.
The distance consultation reading is sent to you via email. It is written out in full and medicines or further healing work will be offered at the end of the reading if the ancestors guide this.
The reading is sent to you via within 3-10 days of the request and confirmation of payment for consultation.

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