Conscious Transformation – Kutatu

A Zulu elder and Sangoma Credo Mutwa once said to me, that the role of the Sangoma is to “find the truth, behind the truth, behind the truth.”
I have, as a Sangoma meditated on this many times and still do every time I feel my heart gets a little clouded.

We search so intently for the answers to being human, to our life path, our questions of purpose, and often in the searching we forget who we are already and what is already available to us.
We stop seeing the little miracles and truths of existence from every direction that form and transform.
All shamanic cultures are the path of breaking down. In other words, whatever reality you enter shamanism with, it will be shattered.
It is this breaking down that infinitely creates the dimension for transformational consciousness, this is its nature.
Consciousness isn’t limited to spirit or science, it spans all worlds and spins in all directions.

This is reflected in physics and quantum physics, the infinite possibility cannot be contained or limited, and there is no complete answer.
This is the same consciousness of transformation, the same premise of “the truth, behind the truth, behind the truth.”

An example of a marriage between physics and spirit is the recently ‘proven’ in scientific terms, principle of three; three being a sacred number in many spiritual traditions.
We have all heard people say ‘that things come in threes’, but rarely do we search for the truths in this.

In 1970, nuclear physicist, Vitaly Efimov was manipulating the equations of quantum mechanics in an attempt to calculate the behaviour of sets of three particles, when he discovered a law that pertained not only to nuclear ingredients but also, under the right conditions, to any trio of particles in nature.

While most forces act between pairs, such as the north and south poles of a planet and its sun, Efimov identified an effect that requires three components to spring into action.
This ‘law’ has now been proven by scientists.
“The law is a geometric progression of evermore-enormous trios of particles, spanning in a theoretically infinite sequence from the quantum scale to the size of the universe and beyond.” Said Professor Cheng Chin.
This principle is most commonly recognised in the Borromean Rings, the symmetrical arrangement of three intersecting circles.

Zulu Spiritual tradition speaks of three ‘Kutatu’ as the unifying force, a holy number, second only to one.
In Zulu tradition it is three, that allows us our sense of divinity again, heals the divide of two, the division of duality. Three brings balance to disputes, sense to mysteries and is the transformational process of Umoya – life force.

Before I became a Zulu Sangoma, I walked the path of the Celtic Shaman, and still do! I am both.
There is much wisdom that is mirrored in both Zulu and Celtic Shamanic practices.
The principle of three is also sacred to the Europeans and Celtic people, a holy trinity and is seen in the knot work of the Celts often.
It is also understood in this tradition as an energetic principle, a number of dimensions and of great importance as a transformational consciousness.

In all of this, lies the truth behind the truth, or rather the truth within the truth; we speak different languages, science and spirit, and yet we are speaking of the same thing.
Consciousness requires us to undo our definitions, cross limitations of mind, to discover the transformational nature of truths and existence.
Our potential is beyond structure, it lies within the nature of eternal break down or rather eternal break through which is required for transformation.

You can transform your life, your consciousness, by letting go of what you think you know and awakening to the truths that re-appear with every layer peeled, every thought released and every dream re-visited. Big or small, there is always more.
Our consciousness is no hidden truth, but it is like a Russian doll, where every form leads to another, from the infinitesimal to the infinite.

How blessed are we to be taking such a journey!

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