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We cannot believe how the months are passing and we are now heading in to Winter here in the Southern Hemisphere.

We did not hit target on our Indiegogo Campaign at the beginning of this year, so retreat building work has been slow…
For any of you waiting for Indiegogo rewards after donating, they are being worked on and will be on their way shortly…
Thank you again for your support.

The rest of our work continues, a few visitors have come and gone, some filming and photography has taken place and a film festival where we talked as Sangomas about the relevance of the ‘sacred’ and sacred sites… more on this in future newsletters!

In our recent work we have noticed the intense increase in the need of people to change their lives.
It is as if the calling and voice has become stronger, and as the system tries to dig deeper and hold its ground, the louder other voices become.
The construct of the system, the world we live in is being challenged at every quarter and with it, our human consciousness is asking us to answer the questions forming in our hearts and in the mind.

Makhosi Muvo, Sangoma from Africa Shaman Experience. Picture courtesy of Anton Allen

“Awaken” is the word that the ancestors whisper, sometimes caress in a world that feels like it has slept too long.

“The world is changing, all will be well, this is as it should be, but only if you stay in it, be in it, come to your own full presence in it.
This is your sacred task.
For although we are behind you as ancestors, we are also the loop to the future, the ones who will come after you when we are re-born. Your future is our future, and you are the presence of now that makes it so.

Awaken children, awaken to the knowledge of you, of us, awaken and let the fears of the future fall from your mind…”

The words of the ancestors come with a feeling of longing, as if they have reached for us so many times.

The ancestors offer a sense of consciousness that is always with us, they themselves witness to our lives and the connections that lead us to them.
This is why a reading or consultation with the ancestors can be so important.
It’s not because they have grand predictions waiting for you, it is because they can help you find answers in the deepest parts of your life and in the depths of your being.

Like a window, they open and reveal a picture of what surrounds you, some of which you might already know and some of which you haven’t seen before.
It is this vision and wisdom that they share during a reading/consult that helps us to awaken to a world filled with much more potential than perhaps we thought possible.

Like so much of our lives every choice becomes a colour to the ever changing picture of human nature, brilliant and lifted beyond the mechanics of our physical life.
The fact that the ancestors are available for a conversation through the reading/consult process is a beautiful thing, that spreads the wings of choice and puts it on a whole new level.

So when you consider a reading, see it as a chance to share

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consciousness with those who came before you and those still to come, receiving the wisdom that will inspire your personal awakening if you are willing to listen, and embrace your full being…

~For anyone wanting further guidance or

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a personal reading and consultation with a Sangoma to connect with their Ancestors ;

Sign Up for the Mentorship and learn how to connect with your Ancestral lines.
For anyone wanting to learn more about Rituals, Sacred Sites, African tradition, African Shamanism and their personal relationship with their ancestors and how to work with them; the mentorship correspondence course is for you…

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