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We are lucky enough to share our work with other wonderful healers and colleagues and one such person, Colleen Van Heerden, wrote a blog which we are sharing here.
You can find out more about Colleen at her blog site; http://houseofhealingmidlands.wordpress.com/colleen-van-heerden-started-an-inward-journey-in-2004-when-i-first-went-for-a-reiki-session/ She does wonderful massage work and energy healing, she is passionate about her spiritual path and journey and her enthusiasm for life is infectious in the best possible way!

My Bone Reading by Colleen Van Heerden

Africa Shaman Experience….. seeks to be part of the journey for those who are called to explore their own spiritual path and their own spiritual self knowing.

African shamanism is ancient, traditional and holistic.

I do resonate with it, as my ancestors are South African and German and in order for me to understand my spiritual life, they provide me with a deeper insight.
I met Makhosi Muvo and Sarah a few years back, as my friend Richard was doing his “itwasa” of first level – shamanism training in the Karkloof, here in the Midlands.
At the time, I was a skeptic however, once I embarked on a journey to learn and grow, it was impressive.

I had a bone throwing reading two years ago and all of the knowledge, life’s adventures came to pass.
So, its 2013, 2012 to 2013 was amazing, but I

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need to know – how to proceed with 2014!

I’ve been receiving so many messages from my higher self, my guides, my ancestors, my guardians, that I need to piece the puzzle together.

Makhosi Muvo threw the “bones” and it looked interesting. I couldn’t wait for the explaination. I kept being receptive as a vessel and listened.
My message was :
I have been holding back as a healer as I never want to consider me “weird” but I’m not normal.
I’m a healer, its part of my being and the message was – I have limitless healing power, I can do anything and shouldn’t limit myself.

Don’t try to be N O R M A L !
You’re not….

I’m connected to heaven and earth, I am spirit!
I must go with the healing process as I am guided, as the healing power is limitless.

This is my calling and my path, to help others heal, to fulfill my purpose. (I was close to tears here)

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also touched on my family, husband, and our life together and our future.
I need to spend time in Willem’s space, so I can learn to paint and be artistic. I have the ability to even drive a heavy duty machine if I want to, I just need to be taught.
How being at Khululeka farm has brought forth balance and healing in this space.

The entire reading with Makhosi Muvo took 2hrs and it was such a lovely experience.

The puzzle was complete, all my intuitive hunches, visions, messages, and dreams were confirmed and explained well.
I’m healer but I don’t have all the answers, I need guidance also, to be the best possible healer/ therapist/ wife I can be for me.
I’m starting off 2014 on a high note of learning, growing, loving my human experience more.

Blessings to the Makhosi Sarah and Muvo, they are wonderful beings of Light!

They are awesome guides and shamans, please like, share, follow, comment!

I write to share my experience as a human healer, living, breathing and learning.
I hope you have gained a better understanding of what shamanism is and that you’re embarking on your journey.

For anyone wanting further guidance or a personal reading and consultation with a Sangoma;

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